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about chiropractic

Chiropractic is a philosophy of health care that concentrates on helping the body function the way it was designed. What does this mean? Consider how many times in your life you had to remind your body to breathe, pump blood, digest food. These functions of life happen automatically. Quite frankly, when the body works well, it works VERY well.. 


However, the realities of life give us certain circumstances that interfere with the normal functioning of our bodies. Since the brain and nervous system control body functions, chiropractic focuses on maintaining the health of your nerves, organs and connective tissue (muscles, tendons and ligaments) so that the body can continue to operate normally. Emphasis is given to the body's ability to heal itself.


From the chiropractic perspective, a poorly functioning spinal column is the cause of many different ailments. Any type of situation, whether it be traumatic injury, wear and tear over many years, or any other stress, can cause the nervous system to stop working at its ultimate capacity. That can breed pain or discomfort and can effect how the organs of your body function. This would effect your overall health and lifestyle. 

​While many patients visit chiropractors when they are in pain, there is a great benefit in addressing your overall health from a preventative point of view. For example, it would be more beneficial to make sure an Oak sapling grows straight to begin with than to attempt to straighten a curved tree. Prevention is always easier than helping an injury or health issue. Another benefit of prevention is to allow you to have an optimal health level. This helps you enjoy the lifestyle you choose rather than having your health conditions make that choice for you. 


Regular chiropractic treatment will ensure that (to the best of your body's ability) everything will work harmoniously and correctly. This is as the body was intended to work. The end result of this merit system will be health in senior years. Chiropractic is the best life and health insurance you can get to improve your quality of life.  


Dr. Crawford has been in practice for 30 years. He has gained an abundance of knowledge and experience in treating any age, including infants to elderly. He also treats women in pre-peri-post natal care. 

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