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our mission

Here at Crawford Chiropractic, our focus is on you and your experience and there is definitely a proven relationship between years of experience, numbers of cases and excellent outcomes. With some of the best innovative technology and a board-certified Chiropractor, we are passionate about making you love your spine.  We build lasting relationships with our patients and pride ourselves in being a good neighbor. 

Our Vision and Core Values

The vision of our practice is to provide you with the best possible care.  We don’t just provide chiropractic treatment to patients, we provide patients with an entire experience that can truly be life changing. Customer service is not something that happens occasionally, it is a main focus that we strive for. We have a list of Core Values that represent our way of doing business and they capture the reputation that we aim to maintain.


  • Be Humble, Courageous, and Open Minded

  • Celebrate Success

  • Bring Positive Attitude

  • Exceed Expectations

  • Build Lasting Relationships

  • Embrace Growth and Accept Change

  • Dedicate to Educate

  • Align the Spine

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